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How Much Does Your Data Cost?


EVERYONE NEEDS DATA. But how do you get it and how much does it cost?  Cable modem, cell phone data plan, voice minutes, text messages.  Really, it isn’t easy to compare these but fundamentally they are the same thing.  In fact, I believe that eventually we will just pay one fee for data and it won’t be split into these silly little types.

What I would like to get is a comparison of how much it costs to get your data for a mobile device.  In this case, you can have three things: data (really they are all data), voice, and text messages.  Typically, a service provider will charge you differently for these different things.

I would love to get how much each data mode costs per amount of data ($ per GB). Is this easy? No. Why? Because you aren’t charged a rate like this.  For instance.  AT&T charges $25 for a 2 GB data plan.  In this case, I could consider that the data costs $12.5 per GB. However, what if you don’t use all 2 GB of data?  What if you just use 700 MB during that month? Oh, what if you go over 2 GB? What then?

So, maybe you see the problem.  Here is my solution.  I will look at several providers.  For each, I will take a typical user and estimate how much they use and how much they pay. Then I will make a maximum data use scenario.  Don’t worry, this might make sense after I do it.

See attached File

How-Much-Does-Your-Data-Cost.pdf How-Much-Does-Your-Data-Cost.pdf

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