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What you need for a Website.



  •  A Computer: Although highly recommended, it is not necessary for you to have a computer but it is essential for those wishing to view your site.

  •  ISP: an Internet Service Provider is how you connect to the Internet. This ISP will provide you with an email address to communicate by electronic mail (email).

  •  Domain Name: This is; your address or home page on the Internet.

  •  Hosting: An Internet presence provider. This is where your website is stored for the world to view.

  •  Website Design: You'll need all the codes, computer language, scripts and graphics which, when put together, formulate your website into a viewable form for the world to see.

  •  FTP: File Transfer Protocol to transfer information to and from your website for updates, repair, edits and changes. This is how web designers communicate with your domain at the host.

  •  Maintenance: Updates, additions, changes, and most importantly, search engine analysis and submission of the pages that make up your website.


What costs will be involved with establishing a website.

  1. Website development, design and start-up costs: This refers to paying a website design firm to create the site and place the site in search engine registrations worldwide. Costs also include buying a domain name and a small fee for your host server configuration. Included in this fee, at no cost, is advice or help in marketing your website. Your website's final costs vary and are proportional to site size and capabilities. We recommend having a fixed cost quote in hand before building your website.

     2. Domain Hosting: Very affordable monthly fee.

     3. Periodic editing, update and edits/additions: Proportional to amount of monthly work required.

We will be glad to explain to you what we can do to make your personal or small business web site an effective marketing tool and improve your visibility on the search engines.

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