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With modern electronics and all the complex features and hookup options, it is very easy to get confused or frustrated.  Fyr’n Ice Designs offers help with setup or operation of many home consumer electronic products. We cater to baby boomers, seniors and the average non-technical person, who purchases a product such as a Smart TV, Entertainment system, Radio, computer, modem, smartphone or other electronic device and then needs some help setting it up or operating it.

Typical Consumer Electronic Products We Can Help You With:

Personalized Instruction

One of the services we are proud to offer is personalized instruction. We are happy to travel to your home to walk you through how to do what you would like to do.  We offer general web surfing and internet usage instruction as well as general advice around safety.  We can’t promise what we tell you will keep you completely safe on the internet but if you follow some rules it can reduce your risk.

Did you get a new computer, printer, webcam, digital camera, cell phone, or tablet?  New to Windows and Microsoft Office or the software on your computer? We can show you how to use it (as well as set it all up for you!).  Want a personalized manual (the ones from the manufacturer can be hard to read)?

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